Terror Attacks In Ankara

When there were terror attacks in Ankara, such as explosion in Ankara Train Station and Güvenpark, MTN Ground Quick Response Team intervened in the events while maintaining coolness. First of all, MTN Team determined if there are any client in the area and then, started to evacuate clients from this land. Afterwards, the team took them away from the scene and located them in a safe place.

Explosion of Station in Ankara (10 October 2015)

2015 Ankara attack occurred around 10:04 local time on October 10, 2015, explosion of Station, is deadliest suicide bombings of the Republic of Turkey histories. 109 people died in there.

Güvenpark attack (13 March 2016)

The March 2016 Ankara car bomb attack took place in Güvenpark, Kızılay at 18.45 on March 13, 2016, where a total of 38 people was killed, 2 of them being attacker and 125 of them were heavy injured.

February 2016 Ankara Bombing (17 February 2016)

February 2016 Ankara attack, the explosion that occurred during the passage of military service vehicles belonging to Turkish Armed Forces in the area where the General Staff, soldiers’ lodgings and Turkish Land Forces Command were located in Ankara’s Çankaya district on February 17, 2016. The point where the explosion occurred, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey is located 5 minutes away. A suicide bomber detonated a bomb-laden vehicle during the passage of 5 military service vehicles and killed 28 people, including civilians, and one of them died while being treated at the hospital and 61 people were injured. After MTN Ground Quick Response Team provided real on time risk analyze for multinational companies’ clients, MTN team found out if there were any clients in the area. Afterwards, MTN Team ensured secure transportation and evacuation to these clients.

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