About MTN

MTN provides multi-national corporations with tailored risk mitigation solutions, emphasizing a personal working relationship with each of our clients. Our products and services are designed to enable business continuity in the world’s most unpredictable and volatile operating environment. We partner with our clients for a deeper understanding of what is required and deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Dedicated to ensuring our clients mobilize on time, no matter how complex the project, we ensure clients’ operations are conducted without interruptions while maintaining a strong yet unobtrusive presence.

Everyone can make the routine, we eliminate the risks and threats.

What MTN Offer

By utilizing its unique human resources along with modern technology, MTN is capable of effectively monitoring and mitigating threats.

By working with our clients closely, we provide solutions for risk mitigation and risk annihilation to them. Therefore, our services may be shaped by the requirements and demands of organization in respect of geopolitical concern, size, target and incurring risk.

With the guidance of organization’s necessity, we prepare weekly/monthly reports, location assessment report, situation assessment report and threat evaluation report.

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