15 July Coup Attempt

On the night of July fifteenth, Turkey witness a military overthrow endeavor assigned by the Fetullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) that has secretively penetrated into the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) for a long time, concerning accomplishing long haul targets. Because of the led bombings and mass shootings, 241 ordinary citizens were butchered and 2195 were injured.

Against all the chances; Turkey’s kin, ideological groups, media and NGO’s increased a fantastic triumph via doing the battle with solid across the country obstruction. This solid position with an astounding help to government was kept up following the annihilation of ungracefully directed yet at the same time exceptionally ridiculous bombed overthrow endeavor pursued by FETÖ psychological oppressors, as Turkish natives accumulated in the city squares to stand next to each other against likely sort of dread assaults. Along these lines, it is imperative to record and mirror the feelings and view of this common activity, which took the roads and squares of every single city in Turkey for 25 days, in regards to the July 15 upset endeavor.

MTN Ground Quick Response Team set up an emergency desk within 5 minutes and made a real on time risk assessment. Through developed secure transportation services, MTN team evacuate their clients and relocated. To keep their clients in safety MTN Team served their clients non-stop during 15 – 20 days. Approximately, 500 people have been rescued and relocated. First of all, when MTN Team got the news about coup, after a brief monitoring, MTN Team set the emergency table.

By setting initial rescue plan, MTN Team determine whether there is any client in risky areas. MTN team reached to all clients in risky areas and then initiated evacuation them to safety place.

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