Intel BriefsIntelligence-led security solutions and Intel Briefs

Our devoted intelligence work area will connect continuous observing to refresh your group, in travel, on any occasions that can possibly affect the arranged agenda, for example, dangers or assaults in the region of a booked area.

MTN team gives a completely devoted insight and investigation function. With guidance of legal regulations, we can distinguish intelligence gap during case development. Any knowledge needs would then be able to be pushed straightforwardly to our system for entrusting to gain insight to help the customer’s lawful position.

MTN provide help to clients to mitigate and eliminate risk and analyze daily, weekly, monthly briefs from open sources.

Other services

  • Secure Transportation
  • Executive Protection
  • Client based Expertise Risk Consultancy regarding Travel Security.
  • Intelligence-led security solutions and Intel Briefs
  • Due Diligence
  • G-SOC
  • Cyber Security
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